How to make Vietnamese egg coffee?

Egg coffee is a delicious drink originating from the 1950s in Hanoi. The characteristic aroma of coffee combined with the fatty egg taste has made a special drink. Let’s learn about How to make Vietnamese egg coffee with Helena.

Ingredients for Egg CoffeeFor 2 drinks

  • Coffee powder: 15 gr
  • Condensed milk: 25 ml
  • Chicken eggs: 2 eggs
  • Honey: 5 ml
  • Hot water: 70 ml(90°C)

How to choose to buy fresh ingredients

How to choose to buy delicious coffee powder, right

  • The delicious coffee powder will usually be pure coffee powders, roasted from coffee beans and not mixed with other ingredients. The suitable coffee powders will be less hydrated, so they will not clump. Touched by hand will feel dry and porous.
  • To achieve deliciousness, coffee must be roasted through an explosion, so the proper coffee will be brown instead of bright yellow like roasted coffees that do not have enough temperature.
  • It is recommended to choose coffees that have a reputable brand in the market because it will ensure the quality of the product.
  • It is not recommended to choose coffees of unknown origin with too high caffeine content. If the caffeine content is too high, it will cause dangerous symptoms such as shortness of breath, nausea, hallucinations.

How to choose to buy fresh chicken eggs

  • Fresh eggs will usually have a dark brown, evenly colored crust, with no dark spots or cracks on the outside of the shell. When you touch the surface, you will feel rough.
  • You can check the fresh eggs by shaking their eggs. The eggs, for a long time when vibrating, will have noise. The inside will move. If there is no noise and the knowledge does not move, it is fresh chicken eggs.
  • It is not recommended to choose eggs when picked up with a light, slippery shell because these eggs have been left for a long time, the yolk and inner white of the egg has been damaged.
  • In addition, you can look at the eggs under the light bulb’s light. If the egg has layers of stone, it is the eggs that have been left for a long time. On the contrary, if the eggs do not cling to the layers of intense, the round yolks, the transparent whites, and the chicken eggs are new.

How to make Vietnamese egg coffee

Brewing coffee

Put 15 grams of coffee powder in the phin, compressing the hand not too tightly. Add 10ml of hot water (help the coffee expand first or so-called water “wake up” the coffee flavor).

Place the coffee on the mouth of the cup. Then add 60ml of hot water, cover again, waiting for the coffee to extract.

Whipped egg cream

Separate two egg yolks and put them in a cup. Add 25ml condensed milk 5ml honey. Use the whisk to turn on the lowest speed to beat in a specific direction for about 4-5 minutes until the egg-cream mixture turns bright yellow. When lifting the tree, hit up the paste flowing down.

Egg coffee making

After the coffee is finished, could you remove it from the mouth of the cup? Add the whipped egg cream and use a spoon to reduce the flow rate of the egg cream.

Sprinkle a little coffee powder on top of the cream for good looks. Enjoy it while it’s hot!

Finished product

The bitterness of coffee combined with the fatty taste of egg ice cream will make a delicious egg coffee cup that makes you enchanted. Hurry to the kitchen to enjoy the whole family!


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